Avian influenza (bird flu) is a disease of birds. There is a constant risk the disease may arrive and all poultry keepers should review their biosecurity, sign up for disease alerts, and register their birds with APHA. Keepers must report any unexplained deaths or sickness to their vet. Public Health England advises the risk to public […]

Published 18th January 2018 under Uncategorised

We are offering discounts on certain products in the lead-up to Halloween and Bonfire Night to help keep your pets calm and distracted during the firework season. – 25% off Nutracalm for Dogs and Cats, all sizes – 25% off all Feliway products, including the new range of Feliscratch – 15% off all Kong toys […]

Published 25th October 2017 under Pets

It’s been a busy day in North Yorkshire! Our vets Will and Becky worked tirelessly with North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service this morning to free a horse named Elvis, who became trapped in a bog in Jervaulx. We are very happy to report that Elvis is now safe, and is doing well. Photographs from […]

Published 17th May 2017 under Equine & Local News

Lost and Found Missing Pets If you have lost your cat or your dog, please let us know as soon as you can. We can advise the staff at all our branches to watch out for your pet, and post on our social media accounts so that local people are also made aware. Who to […]

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This was a particularly interesting case seen by John at Hollin Rigg this week. A 3-day-old lamb was suffering from a massive groin hernia which needed surgical fixation under general anaesthetic. Although this procedure is not strictly economical – often farmers like to look after individual cases and spread the costs over all the lamb […]

Published 8th March 2017 under Large Animals

Winter can be a tricky time for dogs as well as cats, but we have some tips to help you through the chill! Not all dogs are used to cold weather – if your dog spends most of their time inside, they won’t be used to the sudden drop in temperature, so don’t leave them […]

Published 2nd December 2016 under Small Animals

Winter is well and truly here, and that means your cat may need some extra attention during the cold weather. Many cats enjoy staying snuggled up inside during the winter, but others still enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Always make sure you have shelter available in your garden, and make sure they can get back inside […]

Published 30th November 2016 under Small Animals

What is Toxoplasmosis ? Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. It results in abortion and barrenness in ewes and as such can have a large economic impact. How do sheep become infected? Cats become infected by eating raw tissue containing the cysts. The Toxoplasma then multiplies in the cat’s guts to produce […]

Published 14th November 2016 under Farm

Bonfire Night is fast approaching, and for some of us that means taking extra care of our dogs. Not all dogs respond well to loud noises, especially if they can’t see where the noise is coming from, so spotting these signs and taking preventative action is essential. Signs your dog is afraid of fireworks: Shaking/shivering/trembling […]

Published 14th November 2016 under Pets

Most cats enjoy a routine lifestyle and a calm, quiet environment. Loud, unexpected noises – whether short or prolonged  – can upset even the most relaxed of cats. Noises such as loud music, domestic appliances (vacuums, for example), parties and barking dogs can be stressful to cats, and firework season doubly so. When exposed to […]

Published 14th November 2016 under Pets

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