Cat Winter Survival Tips

Published 30th November 2016 under Small Animals

e032bccd-606e-49fc-8e8f-a81e3f6a54bcWinter is well and truly here, and that means your cat may need some extra attention during the cold weather.

  • Many cats enjoy staying snuggled up inside during the winter, but others still enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Always make sure you have shelter available in your garden, and make sure they can get back inside if they want to. Try to avoid leaving your cat outside for extended periods of time, especially if they aren’t used to the cold.
  • Be aware that cats may crawl into warm car engines to keep warm, so check underneath your cat and bang on the bonnet before starting up. Cats can face severe injury and even death if they become caught in engines.
  • Cats who tend to toilet outside may prefer a litter tray during winter, if the ground is hard, frosty or snow-covered. Make sure you have one available – two if you have more than one cat.
  • Ensure your cat is microchipped, so that if they do go missing your details are easily attainable.

Published under Small Animals

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