Dog Winter Survival Tips

Published 2nd December 2016 under Small Animals


Winter can be a tricky time for dogs as well as cats, but we have some tips to help you through the chill!

  • Not all dogs are used to cold weather – if your dog spends most of their time inside, they won’t be used to the sudden drop in temperature, so don’t leave them outdoors for too long.
  • If your dog lives mainly outside, check that their kennel is fully sheltered, that they have a lot of bedding and water available to them at all times. Check the wind direction, as you may need to move their kennel.
  • Consider a jumper or a coat for your dog, if they feel the cold. Not all dogs are equal: some gundogs feel the cold more than companion dogs, and vice versa, so make sure your dog keeps cosy. Shorter coated dogs can suffer particularly badly.
  • Try to avoid walking your dog on salt or grit: their paws can become extremely irritated. Always wash your dogs paws after a walk if you can, to clean off any grit.
  • Don’t sacrifice your walks together because of the weather: make sure you take appropriate clothing, both for yourself and your dog, and time your walks so that you get the most out of them. Take particular care in bad weather, and ensure you wear high-visibility clothing. High-visibility jackets are also available for dogs, along with luminous or flashing collars, so that your dog can always be seen.
  • If your dog tends to sleep more during winter, remember to alter their diet accordingly.

Published under Small Animals

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